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Useful Kitchen Hacks for Home Chefs

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If you’re a home chef or just passionate about cooking, you’d know that cooking a meal is better and healthier than eating out or getting food delivery. However, things can get tedious after sautéing mushrooms and roasting chicken day after day, especially for a home chef who has to stick to the menu for home cooked food delivery items.

Here are some clever and useful kitchen hacks that can make donning your apron every day in the kitchen more fun.

Mug Scrambled Egg

Presenting mug scrambled egg after mug cake.

Crack a couple of eggs in a mug and sprinkle some salt and pepper. Stir it quickly with a fork and microwave for 30 seconds, for three intervals. Breakfast is served!

Freezing Leftover Wine and Broth

Instead of wasting the leftover chicken broth or pinot, pour them into an ice cube tray and store them in the freezer. The cubes can be used for up to several weeks.

Pop out those cubes from the ice tray and add them whenever you’re making risottos, soups, and other sauces for extra flavour.

Peeling Ginger with a Spoon

Ginger—an oddly shaped root is difficult and tiring to peel. Instead of investing in a special peeling tool, use a metal spoon to scrape its peel off. A spoon can easily work around its tricky rounded edges.

Chilling the Pastry

Do you struggle with rolling out pie dough before putting it in a baking tray? Try chilling it in a refrigerator for 30 minutes before rolling it out. This time will allow the gluten to relax and get firm.

Testing Avocado Readiness

Before slicing your avocado, try testing its readiness by peeling back the stem.

If the stem is green and pulls away easily, it’s ready to be devoured with your toast. If the stem resists, allow the fruit to ripen for a few more hours or days.

Serving on Warm Plates

Another useful hack that you may want to try is serving hot food on warm plates.

Run the plates under hot water and wipe them clean. This will maintain the temperature of the food. Alternatively, you can also microwave the bowls or plates for a few seconds.

Broken Eggshells

See an annoying little rogue piece of eggshell floating in the egg white? Use another broken eggshell to scoop it up. No additional tools are required at all!

Toasting Bread

If you have to toast bread for your entire family, forget the toaster. Stack all the bread pieces over rack grates and bake them together for a few minutes until they’re golden brown and crispy.

A home chef slicing vegetables on a wooden cutting board

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