A dish from Asian cuisine

How Home Cooked Meals Cater To Everyone

Life can be incredibly hectic at times, no matter what season it is, what job you have or whether or not you have children. There is almost always something that has to be done, from focusing on your professional career to caring and looking after your children to maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. There...

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Women making a salad for home cooked food delivery in London

Food and Immigrant Women: How Immigrant Women in London are Succeeding in the Labour Market

Approximately 54 per cent of Londoners are immigrants and people who aren’t born in the UK. Nearly 52 per cent of this population are women who have settled here from other countries in hopes of finding a better life and future.

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A vegetable salad bowl

5 reasons to follow a healthy diet

The majority of individuals don’t give much thought to what they consume. 8.3% of the population says they are extremely unhealthy when asked regarding their healthy diet lifestyle. Even when we know we shouldn’t consume something, our better judgement is overridden by cravings, peer pressure, or lack of time. This leads us to make unhealthy...

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A bottle of cooking oil used for food ordering from home chefs in London

Oil Essentials: 4 Best and Worst Cooking Oils

Cooking oils are used as regularly as the kitchen stove during cooking. They are used to prepare all sorts of dishes. Contrary to what you may have heard, cooking oils play an essential role in nutrient absorption and aiding a healthy immune system.

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