A home chef slicing vegetables for food delivery near Hammersmith W6

Small Things You Can Do in The Kitchen to Impact Climate Change

Every year, extreme events resulting from climate change cause billions of losses. Hurricane Ida, which affected several countries before making landfall in the American state of Louisiana in August 2021, was one of the costliest hurricanes since the 2000s. Moreover, extreme weather change—resulting in droughts, insect outbreaks, and severe heat waves—leads to agricultural destruction and...

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A person packing takeaway food in a brown bag

Homemade Food Takeaway vs Usual Takeaway: Which is Best?

With hectic everyday schedules, it’s becoming difficult for people to work long hours and cook homemade meals. This is why many people turn to takeaways and fast food. Although fast food is an easy way out, it contains many unhealthy ingredients. Obesity rates in the UK have increased significantly in the past few years. Over...

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Sustainable bamboo food packaging for Italian takeaway and delivery Lambeth SE1

Sustainable Meal Packaging Ideas for Home Chefs

Sustainable meal packaging is an important part of the food delivery services business. It represents the brands’ value to their customers. It’s important to understand the current environmental challenges as a business person and prioritise those issues to combat them effectively.

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A bottle of cooking oil used for food ordering from home chefs in London

Oil Essentials: 4 Best and Worst Cooking Oils

Cooking oils are used as regularly as the kitchen stove during cooking. They are used to prepare all sorts of dishes. Contrary to what you may have heard, cooking oils play an essential role in nutrient absorption and aiding a healthy immune system.

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