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Partner with Love Home Food

Now you can make everyone’s lives easier by partnering up with Love Home Food. As our essential partner, you can have your products delivered safely to your customers and spread smiles all around! Join us to make things more convenient for your store and your valued customers.

Items Sold on Love Home Food

As our essential partner, you can sell anything that a typical restaurant doesn’t sell. We want to make sure our customers get what they’re searching for on our platform. These items can broadly be categorized into essential and convenience items.

Essential Items

Your store can sell many items that a restaurant doesn’t stock. These products can include:

  • All kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Branded or unbranded milk.
  • Cereal, pop tarts, or pancake batter.
  • Selection of raw meats.
  • Beverages (hot or cold).
  • Baked goods.
  • Household items (for bathroom, laundry, kitchen, or pets).

Convenience Items

Convenience items are different from essential items. They fulfill needs that the customers may have at odd hours. Major convenience items include:
  • Snacks (chips, cookies, chocolates, etc.)
  • Quick meals
  • Bottled drinks (water or cold beverages)

Why Choose Love Home Food?

Are you considering putting up your store on Love Home Food? Think no more! Here are all the reasons why you should get on our platform right away.

Increased Reach

With a physical store, you can only reach people who can commute to the store and manually buy the items on their list. However, with an online presence, you can reach many more people and have a bigger and more satisfied customer base. You can also develop a great reputation among more people as reliable and increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth.

Hassle-Free Delivery

You don’t have to worry about the hassles of making timely delivery to your customers. You can leave it to us, and our reliable drivers can safely transport all the products to your valued customers. Without delivery-related problems, you can focus on other operational aspects that need your attention.

Convert Customers to Regulars

With good service and timely delivery, you can convert your customers to regulars. Your customers will keep coming back to Love Home Food to buy your products and will leave completely satisfied by your products and our services.

Essential Partners’ Dashboard

We provide a dashboard of statistics and visuals to our partners. This dashboard gives them access to the following information:
  • A deeper look at the menu.
  • Payment timing and mode (Cash, credit card, etc.).
  • Sales data on which products were sold in what quantity.
  • Customer insights and feedback.
The dashboard will allow you to become an effective seller and devise strategies to improve your presence on our platform.

Getting Started

Want to cut to the chase and just get started? Don’t worry; our three-step process will get you right on track.

Provide Information

You can start by giving us all the information relevant to your store. This includes your store location (multiple addresses if you have more than one location), your product offerings, and all the relevant retail licenses.

Put up Your Menu

Next, you can put up your menu by adding all the products you sell along with their real pictures. Make sure your menu is easy to read, free of grammatical errors and typos, and has all the information the customers may need.

Go Live

Once your menu is developed, you’re ready to go live! Your online store on our platform is then open for orders from customers in your delivery radius.

How it Works

Once you’ve gone live, each order that comes through follows certain steps. Here’s how it’ll work for you.

1.    Customer Places Order

The process starts when the customer looks for stores in their area. If they’re based near you, your store will show up in their list. They can open your store and browse through your menu to place an order.

2.    Connection with Delivery Person

Once the order is placed, we will connect you with a delivery person located nearby. This person will then come to your store to collect the order. Meanwhile, the customer will also be given an estimated time of delivery.

3.    Fulfillment of the Order Requirements

Before the delivery person comes to collect the order, you need to make sure that you’ve put everything together and met all the order requirements that the customer had made. You can then hand it over to the delivery person.

4.    Complete the Order

The delivery person will safely place the order inside the delivery bag and follow the map to deliver it to the customer. The completion of the whole order will be ensured in the pre-decided estimated delivery time.

Get on Board Now

By partnering with us, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of delivering the products safely to your customers—we’ve got it covered. So what are you waiting for? Partner up with Love Home Food and put your store on the map now!