The Story of Love Home Food

One night, the co-founder of Love Home Food was craving a hearty home-cooked meal at home. She was alone and suddenly nostalgic about the times her mother made delicious Indian cuisine at home. She didn’t like the idea of ordering in from a restaurant, but what could he do?

That’s when the idea struck her! There are so many people like her who are tired of takeaway food but don’t have the energy to cook at home.

There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of home cooks making wonderful food every day. What if they somehow get the opportunity to deliver their home-cooked meals to people like her in the area?

That’s when she decided it was the perfect chance to use technology to connect skilled home chefs with customers craving wholesome, hearty, home-cooked meals.

Together with the other founders, Love Home Food was set up for operations.

All our founders have over 26 years of combined experience in running restaurants and dealing with the takeaway business.

Our passion for the industry kick-started our journey, and our unwavering love for it will take us forward.

Our Values.

Our values drive our business. Our growth relies on the fact that we continue to stick to our values no matter what. Ultimately, this is what helps us achieve complete customer satisfaction as well. Here are the most important values Love Home Food believes in.

We Love Our Customers

Our customers are always our top priority. Every business decision we make is to ensure that their satisfaction only increases. We want to give them healthier and more affordable alternatives to takeout food. We also want our customers to save their precious time and easily get everything they need. We’re constantly innovating and improving to give our customers the widest variety of products and top-notch services. Ultimately, our main focus is their convenience.

We are a Team

Our competent management, beloved chefs, and valuable riders all play crucial roles in our business. We operate in sync with each other and aim to create synergy. Every person in the team has to step up and perform to help us succeed. The stronger our team is, the stronger we’ll be.

We are Trustworthy

Trust is important in driving our desired results. We consistently aim to develop trust amongst our customers and our valued team members to ensure that our brand is reliable.

We Like to Innovate

The world is constantly changing, and we believe in changing with it. We understand that staying static will quickly make us obsolete. The only way to truly be successful is to keep innovating and adapting to the rapid changes around us.

We Believe in Results

We believe in delivering results for our stakeholders. Whether you’re one of our customers, riders, or home cooks, we want you all to gain tangible benefits from your association with us. Business growth is our priority, and we can only achieve it by creating maximum value for all our stakeholders.

We Care About The Society

We like to think of society as a whole and our role in it. We believe that entrepreneurship is the future, and so we aim to evoke an entrepreneurial spirit in all the home cooks who want to make a mark.

We also believe in giving back to society. For this reason, we offer special discounts to our valued NHS staff and anyone who holds a valid student ID.

Our Riders

We take pride in having the best riders to make deliveries for us. Our strong network of riders is a crucial part of our business operations, and we understand how important their role is in our overall success.


Speed is an important factor in the delivery world. Our riders are lightning-fast when it comes to making timely deliveries.


Our riders choose the shortest route and plan their orders to maximize efficiency and achieve complete customer satisfaction. The more efficient they are, the smoother our operations end up being.


Our passionate riders are relentless in their rigor. They continue to satisfy our valued customers to the best of their abilities by always going the extra mile.

Our Chefs

Our chefs play an important role in our success. We want to ensure that their offerings are of the highest quality and they maintain that level consistently.


All our chefs are registered with a local council and hold the required hygiene ratings. We also ensure that they comply with all local food business laws and implement best practices for safe and hygienic cooking.


Our chefs have the freedom to cook their own specialties and work to their strengths. They can set up their own menu and pricelist and enjoy their freedom without worrying about overheads and risks.

Tried and Tested

Our skillful chefs also control the calories, sodium, saturated fat, and total fat content. We want our food to be healthier than your average restaurant and takeaway options.

All our chefs go through a special food tasting session by one of our culinary experts (depending on the cuisine they’re selling). This helps us ensure that the food being served is exactly how the customers want it to be. The Food

Technology That Drives Us


Technology has made it easy for us to connect with our customers. We hope to leverage this technology to bring convenience to everyone who uses our service. We don’t just use it to get closer to our customers; we also use technology to become more efficient.

Our powerful predictive algorithm allows us to speedy deliveries with reduced delivery times. It also allows us to connect with nearby riders and create an effective and efficient delivery system.

Hearty, Wholesome, 

Home Cooked Meals Delivered


Love Home Food is passionate about delivering the freshest, most delicious home-cooked meals to its valued customers. We want to make sure that our precious patrons have a wide variety of options to choose from and none of their cravings go unsatisfied.

We also aim to develop local home cook businesses, boost their earnings, and give them the means to become successful in the local market.

All of this lies behind our business philosophy which propels us to grow further and become stronger. Ultimately, we want to satisfy our customers by giving them exactly what they want, whenever they want it.

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