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5 Best International Foods You Must Try in London

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London is one of the immensely multicultural cities worldwide with over 300 languages spoken in the city, not to mention the diverse background of its people.

London has truly become a melting pot of different cultures and traditions of the world. This is particularly apparent in the food that the restaurants offer. You can find just about every international cuisine in London. From Indian to Mexican, there is no shortage of international foods for you to try.

Check out these must-try international foods in London:

Indian Curry

London is renowned for its Indian restaurants and curry houses.

There are more than a thousand Indian restaurants across London; however, only a select few offer truly divine dishes.

In addition to varied Indian dishes like tikka kebab and biryani, we’d strongly recommend you to try a saucy and spicy curry with a side of rice or fluffy garlic naan.

The best restaurants serving Indian curry are Tamarind, Amaya Grill and Bar, and Bombay Brasserie.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaican cuisine is very popular in London as more than four per cent of citizens in London are of Jamaican descent. Many ex-pats from this small Caribbean Island have moved to London over the past few decades, especially in Tottenham, Brixton, and Hackney.

Therefore, London is famous for Jamaican cuisine, and you’ll find plenty of Jamaican restaurants on London’s main streets.

Jamaican jerk chicken is one dish you shouldn’t miss. Jamaican jerk chicken meat is marinated with hot seasoning and is served with peas or rice.

We’d recommend Cottons Camden and Ayannas London for a finger-licking experience.

Mexican Tostadas

London has no shortage of Mexican restaurants selling nachos smothered with cheese and fajitas filled with salsa sauce.

Check out Wahaca Covent Garden and Mestizo for ever-popular Mexican tostadas (a deep-fried or toasted corn tortilla).

Lebanese Baba Ghanoush

London’s Lebanese population has increased dramatically in the past four decades.

Consequently, Lebanese cuisine has also gained a strong foothold in the city. Lebanese baba ghanoush is a mouth-watering mix of roasted eggplant with garlic tahini, vinegar, lemon, and cumin.

You’ll find the best baba ghanoush at Noura Lounge and Maroush in Southgate.

Pad Thai

It is the ultimate street food of Thailand. Pad thai is a freshly cooked stirred fried rice with noodles and shrimp. You can find this dish at almost every other food cart vendor in Bangkok.

But in London, you can best enjoy this dish in dining restaurants. You can enjoy the best version of pad thai at Mango Tree.

You can also enjoy pad thai, including bean sprouts, mushrooms, prawns, noodles, and eggs at Nipa Thai.

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