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3 Tips to Improve Food Photography: A Guide for Home Chefs in London

an aerial photo of broccoli and avocados

The right set of food photos can make your home-cooked meals look twice as appetising! However, quality food photography isn’t a piece of cake. It often takes several months or even years to master the art of superior food photography.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at three powerful tips to improve food photography. If you’re a home chef in London, use these tips to make your food look and sell better!

1. Take an Aerial Photo

an aerial photo of broccoli and avocados

Aerial food photos are superior. Why? Well, you can capture the richness, textures, and colours of the food more authentically and accurately. Food looks more appealing when it’s captured from a higher angle. However, this approach can easily go wrong if the lighting isn’t excellent. Make sure your food receives a plethora of natural light.

Steer clear of flash photography; it can often make food appear slightly fake or embellished. Warm, natural light will bring out your food’s natural, appealing colours and textures. If you can’t arrange natural light, use LED lights with a soft glow. Avoid harsh incandescent lights at all costs.

2. Reduce Clutter

Food photos shouldn’t be overdone. Many people make the mistake of adding too many accessories and embellishments to the frame. This is a big faux pas. The add-ons will take the focus away from the food. They’ll also make your pictures look cluttered, which will take away the natural appeal of the food. Minimise clutter as much as possible. While you can incorporate some accessories into the shot, keep them at a minimum.

3. Capture the Cutlery!

cream puffs on a white plate

Thinking of keeping the utensils away? You may want to think again! Cutlery has the incredible ability to breathe life into boring, lacklustre food photos. Place relevant utensils (spoons, forks, etc.) in or around the plate. This will make viewers feel like they can dive in at any moment. It’s a subtle touch that has a powerful effect!

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